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Online Healing Session

Saturday, April 16th
10:00am - 12:30pm pdt

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What is Breath of Love?

"Breath of Love“ is a transformational healing modality to release stress & open you to receive more freedom & abundance in life. With Breath of Love people have healed burnout, anxiety, emotional turmoil & released chronic pains, self-limiting habits & beliefs. People continuously report that the realization of their divinity, freedom & oneness was something no other therapy, meditation or spiritual practice had given them before & this modality offered them one of the most powerful soul connections they had ever experienced.

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Experience a profound liberation from stress and anxiety.

Let go of life's challenges and open your pathway to peace.

Supercharge the body's own innate capacity to thrive and perform at peak levels.

WHEN:   Saturday,  April 16th - 10am-12:30pm PT

WHERE: Online via ZOOM


This is an opportunity to journey with Stephanie Whitford, an advanced practitioner and teacher of Breathwork, as she facilitates you through a transformational breath-sound-healing-ceremony. Find out what it feels like to have profound clarity, and pure love permeate your whole body and mind while you re-wire your nervous system and clear stress energy, and traumas from your body, easily and gently. This profound life-force healing process will pave a powerful new path of deep fulfillment, abundance, and openness in your life. Open the channels to connect with your internal clear guidance so you can manifest your bigger vision and purpose with courage and confidence.

For more information on breath energy healing click HERE.



Breath of Love sessions last for approximately 2-3 hours.  We start with a 30 minute introductory talk. This is followed by a 60-90 minute Breathwork session listening to powerful, evocative music. This Breath of Love technique, while being bathed in the sound of carefully chosen music allows you to quiet the thinking mind and access your amazing inner intelligence. After the session, there will be time for participants to share their experience with the group.

If you are a first time participant, to prepare for the session, be sure to read the “Preparatory Information For Participants“.  When the time for the session approaches, you will need to set up your space.  You be doing the session either laying down.

This is an internal experience so a darkened space is ideal.  You may want a blindfold or you can just close your eyes if you prefer. Also, I recommend having tissues and a bottle of water close by in case you feel like crying, or need to dry your face, or get a sip of water, etc.  

Lastly, it is ideal to do Breathwork when your stomach is not too full.  It is suggested to not eat anything at least 60 minutes before your session if possible, or, if you do, to just eat something very light.



-Yoga mat, pillow (smaller flat one for under the head, thicker one for under the knees)
-Comfortable non-restrictive clothing (yoga attire not necessary)
-Blanket (temperature often drops, and the added weight on the body is reassuring to the nervous system)
-Optional: Eye pillow or mask/bandana to block out light




Stephanie Whitford is an holistic wellness consultant, advanced Breath of Love practitioner and teacher, yoga instructor, Ayurvedic counselor, and a leader of worldwide wellness travel adventures.

Stephanie helps business leaders, high performing executives, change agents,  and anyone looking to improve their performance and make more impact in their businesses and lives!

She is highly skilled at helping people find peace, even when surrounded by the intensity of life. She provides effective self-mastery skills that empower people to thrive abundantly in our fast-paced society without compromising health, longevity, happiness and personal fulfillment in life!

Stephanie specializes in nervous system regulation, stress management and preventative health, using life practices, food as medicine, and empowering others to follow their greatest inspirations in life.

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