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What People Are Saying

Stephanie is an incredible healer and teacher and I highly recommend her work to anybody who desires to let go of anxiety, worry and overwhelm, especially if they work in a high productivity requiring job of an executive or team leader. She skillfully helps business leaders and entrepreneurs unwind from stress and overwhelm, helping them create greater success with more ease, greater energy, and invaluable efficiency. They get in touch with their clear inner knowing, understand the best next steps in their life, and are able to move towards their goals with more peace and clarity.

Julia Mikk
Founder of Breath of Love

Stephanie is a special type of healer who's obviously done her work. I rarely meet people with the kind of grounded presence Stephanie seems to live from. She's clearly in the present moment as a life-style. She fully embodies the spirit of Breath of Love. When I hear her talk about her work with Breath of Love, her passion is contagious, and she speaks from a place of mastery. I've both received her support during Breath of Love sessions and watched her support others in their process, all of which feel like a privilege. She is loving, compassionate, gentle, strong, present, and entirely skillful. Working with Stephanie is an opportunity to work with a world class healer. I can't recommend her strongly enough. 

Uri Talmor, MA, LPC


Boulder, CO

I experienced some amazing feelings that I never could have expected. During the deep breathing I had a lot of emotions come to surface. It was unlike anything I’ve ever felt. It felt very peaceful to me and it gave me some calmness, like it washed away fear. That evening I felt more relaxed than I have in the longest time, it was bliss! Thank you again.  I’m super grateful for the experience!

Melissa H.
Seattle, WA

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