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I am honored to work with individuals (and groups/couples) seeking integrated growth and development, healing, harmony, and to bring their deepest capacities and gifts into the world. I draw on a wide toolkit to support my clients in developing greater embodied resource, resilience, alignment, and to heal wounds of the past so there is more availability for the gifts and possibilities of the present.

Email to discuss individual and group rates. 

Session Format: Unless otherwise requested, sessions typically include a 60-90 minute session of guided support in wellness coaching, breathwork,  energy healing, somatic and mindfulness practices, and an opportunity to discuss what is surfacing in your life, and where you might be experiencing fragmentation, pain, or dis-ease. We can work together through modes of mindful inquiry and presence.


Please contact me if you would like to schedule a complementary introductory call to assess alignment in working together.  I will contact you within 24-hrs of receiving your communication to schedule your appointment, and can generally accommodate sessions within 1-2 weeks. If your need is urgent, please email me to request scheduling availability. For series-based investments, I recommend scheduling the same time to meet each session, as the structure and consistency supports deepening work together.

Why Breathwork And What Can I Expect In A Session?

Breathwork is a tremendous resource for those seeking health, clarity, grounding, resilience, and resource to navigate life’s terrain. From optimizing breath patterns to navigating loss and grief to releasing old self-structures that create suffering, breathwork can support release of tension, stress, and trauma from the body, and be the bridge of connection to the deeper wisdom, aliveness, and inspiration of life. Many have referred to their experience in breathwork as the equivalent to ‘one year in psychotherapy,’ and rather than a peak experience, it is one that can shift a baseline of experience moving forward.

The About Breathwork page offers context for why I find working with the breath so powerful, and in our time together, you can expect attuned and skillful presence as you touch what has been held in the body, so that you can safely and compassionately digest old energies and reclaim the life-force energy that was bound within them. The breathwork sessions are curated through energetic attunement, observation of your breathing patterns, and intuitive insight. I offer guidance and anchored support that enables you to expand into the deeper places within. There is no agenda for healing or demand to ‘make something happen, but rather an allowance of the breath to be your guide and holding the safest – and most spacious - container possible to create the conditions in which healing can occur.

What Types Of Individuals And Experiences Are Aligned For This Work?

My purpose as a facilitator is to discover the roots of dis-ease and disturbance that manifest as symptoms, and thus, I work with clients navigating a wide range of experiences. Individuals who might resonate with my approach are those who:

  • Want to embody optimal breath patterns and enhance health, wellbeing, and embodied energy.

  • Are ready to stop chasing and searching “out there” for answers and to turn inward - to the innate wisdom, creativity, power, and love that is found within.

  • Have hit a plateau in more Western psychotherapy or counseling work and want to explore a more somatic-based therapeutic approach.

  • Are seeking to develop greater capacities for healthy relating with others.  

  • Hold stress or trauma in their body (note: we all do to some degree) and are seeking to work at the level of the nervous system and energy body to create broader windows of tolerance and resilience, and more resourcing capacity.

  • Experience anxiety, overwhelm, depression, dissociation, numbness, emptiness, and/or generally a sense of being ungrounded and disconnected from one’s body, and life.

  • Are experiencing depression, and potentially existential depression regarding their purpose in life and desire to be here.

  • Feel they are approaching a growth edge and seeking support in the transformational process.

  • Experience repeating patterns in their lives and would like to evolve beyond them.

  • Are navigating challenging life transitions and experiences, including chronic pain or ailments, and grief and loss (of a loved one, relationship, home, fertility, etc.).


As an experienced yoga teacher, personal and group fitness trainer, Ayurvedic counselor and meditation guide, I work with individuals seeking to unlock the power of time-tested technologies and effective practices to support holistic wellbeing and growth. Sessions can be focused on yoga asana and physical practices to enhance flexibility, strength, stress reduction and alignment refinement, to deepening understanding of applied yogic philosophy, to using lifestyle counseling and somatic practices to heal the body and supercharge the metabolism.  I also work with clients to develop custom programs to support specific needs.


Having worked with numerous corporations over the years I am positioned to bring my offerings into the workplace. This engagement ranges from individual workshops to series-based programs and ongoing organizational wellness experiences.  


Pricing of Sessions: Contact Stephanie to discuss a custom schedule/plan to address your desired support as well as discounts offered for package sessions.

Corporate Mindfulness Training: Contact Stephanie to request a consultation and quote.

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