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About Breath Energy Healing

Using the breath gives us a way to hack into our brain and nervous system, enabling us to upgrade the software of our unconscious mind and create a new habit of awareness with focus on ease and relaxation.  Breath energy healing activates the recovery response and re-trains relaxation into everyday life.  It creates a detoxifying effect, improves circulation and supports digestion on a holistic level (mind, body, spirit), it relaxes while also energizes (yin/yang).  It’s a mini vacation for the mind and body, unwinding the nervous system, creating profound and lasting physiological, energetic and emotional benefits.  Breath energy healing compliments and transcends traditional cognitive talk therapies, inspiring profound and lasting transformation on a holistic level.  Breath is the fundamental key to your health and prosperity, and when done optimally, it has the power to heal and transform your whole life, physical, emotional, mental, internal and external.  Mastering the breath is a major skill set if you want to become or succeed as a high-performing individual and enhance every aspect of your life.  Mastering the breath is key to mastering the self and life.


Breath of Love is a breath and somatic healing modality similar to "rebirthing" or "spiritual breathing" yet unique in its approach. Breath of Love is unique in that it focuses on the ease of letting go and the empowerment of drawing in. It is a process of ease to release control of whatever no longer serves your highest and best good, while it increases and strengthens the capacity and quality of your personal empowerment and life's inspiration as an embodied state you live from in all situations. 


Experience a profound liberation from body pain, emotional turmoil, and old beliefs, to open to an empowered place of deep contentment, peace and connection.


This process allows you to let go of overwhelm that stands in the way to a harmonious and balanced way of living. You will be able to step into a nourished and deeply embodied, satisfying life while being in service to others in the greatest way possible.


Realize a new level of freedom in your life, and move towards your dreams with much more ease.


Is Breath of Love for you?

- When it comes to your every day life, do you feel something is missing?  

- Do you feel STUCK in old patterns, want to make a change but don't know how?

- If you DO KNOW, do you feel overwhelmed or resistant to taking these steps?

- Are you seeking a deeper connection with yourself, others and spirit?

- Is there pain or hurt in the physical or emotional body you want to release?

- Do you want healing from overwhelming sadness, loss or grief?

- Do you desire clarity about important decisions or your life purpose?



Breath of Love Helps You Experience the Following...


Find the courage and clarity to let go of those jobs, projects or relationships that are not nourishing your soul.

Cultivate the freedom to follow your heart's desire. 



Learn to align the mind and heart, moving towards your authentic path with confidence and ease.



Access that inner serenity and rejuvenation that you have been longing for in both the physical and spiritual body. Experience your profound power of the breath.



Stress does not need to control you. You have a choice. Learn to cultivate a deep inner peace that can be sustained even in the most difficult of circumstances.



One must feel deserving and worthy to manifest and experience and receive joy and love. From there you can easily access a place of deep inner peace that can be sustained even in the most challenging relationships.



Become in touch with your intuition and trust in it. Know what next steps you need to take in your life and follow them with ease and confidence.



Experience profound freedom from self imposed expectations, heaviness and connect to your authentic self and purpose, manifesting ease and flow in your life. Take this experience and LIVE IT effortlessly each and every day!  


* Every experience is unique - no specific outcome is guaranteed - you will receive exactly what you need in your process. Many insights manifest as you integrate the experience and can be days later.


In the beginning stages of the work, Stephanie takes you through your breath energy healing journey with the help of a specific breathing technique (Breath of Love). However, if you go for more than 10 sessions, and dive into deeper layers of the Breath of Love process you learn to access your deepest well-being without doing anything specific with your breath, utilizing somatic unwinding techniques.

The connection to who you really are as consciousness, infinite intelligence, power, harmony and pure fulfillment can live and breathe through you every day. You don't always have to go through a life-changing experience with Stephanie to experience it. Ultimately, it is about learning to embody it on an everyday basis.

Some people do call the Breath of Love process breathwork. However, this is just a superficial look at what happens deeper within. The process is about cultivating your capacity to completely get out of your own way (let go of your mind chatter, past habits, fears, and unhealthy behavioral patterns) so you can experience your true nature as wholeness, and a presence of unbounded freedom and clarity.


This presence isn't only deeply healing but it offers also a great depth of wisdom, guiding you effortlessly to your very best next steps in life, showing which way would lead you to your highest good and the highest good of all.

​Many leaders, visionaries, spiritual seekers and people with a big dream or important mission, have found that the Breath of Love process is about coming back home to themselves. They are tired of ‘trying’ and working hard to make things happen. They can intuitively feel there is another way, but they don’t quite know how to find it. They are ready to invest time, energy and devotion into letting go of the old habitual mind struggles and efforts. They are ready to recognize that in order to embody clarity and inner guidance they must embrace effortlessness and ease. Any complication, struggle or effort takes them only further away from what is here, available to them as their own pure power. Their own guidance of infinite wisdom.

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