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April 27-29th, 2018 (Friday-Sunday)
In one of the most remarkable
spiritual destinations in the world:
Sedona, Arizona

'Extra Early' Bird Special: $387 + bring a friend for free
until March 13th, 2018 (save $400). 
Make sure to register now to reserve your spot.

$387 until March 13th
$487 until April 3rd
$787 after April 3rd

This investment does NOT include room and board.

Make sure to sign up right away to not miss your spot.
This is an exclusive small group private retreat and spaces are limited.

So many healthy, conscious women and men I know end up exhausted, totally burnt out and in many cases feel completely disconnected from their passion… they struggle daily to get what they want in life.

If this is you- I invite you to check out this incredible weekend Immersion led by my dear friend and mentor, Julia Mikk, founder of Breath of Love… a brilliant catalyst to the LIFE OF YOUR DREAMS!

And yes, you CAN have it all. A life of inner peace, effortless abundance, and living your bigger purpose with ease! Julia and I will give you the relief road map!


Step out of the heavy feeling that it’s all on your shoulders

It is too hard to carry so much on your own! I'll show you how we can create a whole new reality for you, with a lot of support and ease in your daily flow.

Let go of exhaustion and overwhelm

Find the courage and clarity to let go of those stuck jobs, projects or relationships that are not nourishing your soul any longer. What is your actual heart’s desire? This event helps you to cultivate the freedom to follow it.

Heal the old self-sabotaging patterns
Don't let them keep you away from living a healthy and fulfilling life.

Let go of the still-hurting wounds from past relationships 
These could be conflicts from your past romantic partners, or challenges with your family. If you don't learn to fully heal, let go and forgive, they keep haunting you and stand in the way of you feeling empowered and worthy to live your bigger purpose. ​Just imagine how much joy and ease it will bring to your life when you fully let go of the past hurt.

Connect with your clear inner knowing

There is nothing more satisfying than the ease and confidence that comes from knowing how to tap into your clear inner guidance. Knowing what are the right words to speak and which ones are the right actions to take every day.

Rejoice in living your Soul Purpose

Find a profound inner fulfillment by connecting to your Soul's Blueprint. Let it show you the best next steps to take in life.

Get incredibly comfortable in your own skin
Shed that ever-nagging discomfort in your body. Feel so good about yourself that your radiant confidence becomes a great inspiration to others. Especially if you are a parent, coach, teacher or in a leadership position, you definitely want to cultivate that!

Learn to have deep inner peace even in the midst of chaos
Even when your beloved, colleague, boss or family member is in stress it does not have to pull you down. There is nothing more important than learning to cultivate deep inner peace that can be sustained even in difficult circumstance.

Have more time to yourself to focus on what you love
Create a life where you have much more time to do things you REALLY love to do. Even if it's just more rest and long hot baths. Or long walks in nature and more time with your family. Whatever it is, create a lifestyle where you do what you most enjoy doing.

Open to effortless abundance
You are not a work machine, just designed to pay bills and worry about problems at work. You are created for joy, creativity, pleasure, and bringing your Soul's Gift to the world. 

Learn to be successful, productive and make money by pushing less and relaxing more.   Stop sacrificing your body, health and well-being for your success.  

You will be much more productive when you  learn to let your body relax into profound depths of rejuvenation and inner guidance. Then, your focus is clear, creativity flows in an unencumbered way, and you know exactly what decisions to make to create abundance with less struggle and more ease.


Because, in addition to being guided by masterful practitionerss of Breath of Love you will receive potent support and reflection from other participants.

They will become your mirrors, revealing things about yourself that you haven’t been able to see before. They will offer encouragement, kindness and insight that will make you feel held and supported on a whole new level.

Some past workshop participants said they have never felt so deeply supported in their whole lives. Once they experienced this support at the workshop, they knew exactly how to receive it also in their every day life.


- Relax in the lush natural setting and enjoy its tranquil beauty.

 - Dive into the pristine refreshing creek (if you don't mind cold water).

 - Enjoy energizing hikes in the majestic Sedona mountains, and discover it's world-famous energy vortexes.

Sedona is a place unlike anywhere else on earth. Here you can walk among red giants and watch crystal streams as the fountain of youth. This is a place where your spirit will soar, and your heart will race. This is where a simple stroll can turn into the adventure of a lifetime.  It's truly one of the most beautiful places on earth, in so many ways.

Daily Schedule

Friday, April 27th
6pm arrival and registration - please be on time!
6:30-9pm workshop

Saturday, April 28th
8:30-10 optional yoga or hiking in the majestic mountains of Sedona
11-1pm workshop
1-2:30pm lunch
2:30-7pm workshop
7-8:30pm dinner

Sunday, April 29th
8:30-10am optional yoga or hiking in the majestic mountains of Sedona
11-1pm workshop
1-2:30pm lunch
2:30-5pm workshop
5-6pm final mingling, snacks and goodbyes

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