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Learn and practice (for your personal practice and for your teaching) a daily breath exercise routine designed to raise energy, regulate mood, enhance performance, reduce inflammation, increase metabolism, and help dissolve pain. This training is for anyone who wishes to improve their stress resilience, athletic performance, physical health, and overall well-being.

By doing these breathing exercises, you can activate the intelligence of your cells and feel more joy, calmness and harmony. Stephanie will explain in detail how each breathing exercise affects and improves your body’s anatomical structure and physiological functions.

Attendees will receive a write up of the information presented, a take home version of the exercise routine presented and a certificate of completion upon request. 

This training is not intended to diagnose any physical or mental health condition and is for informational purposes only. 


1. You sense you are not breathing well and want to figure out how to optimize it.
2. You feel fatigued and want a natural way to energize yourself.
3. You lack focus, have problems with memory or concentration.
4. You are experiencing pain of any type (from fibromyalgia to back pain) and would like to take less pain medication and feel relief.
5. You are looking to stay young, rejuvenate, stay healthy, and stave off the oxidative stress of everyday life.
6. You want to feel more centered, more balanced.
7. You suffer from symptoms of anxiety or depression.
8. You are an athlete and want shorter recovery times between workouts or competitions.
9. You lead a stressful life and are concerned about the effect of constant stress on your brain and body.
10. You have trouble sleeping—you can’t turn your brain off or experience “chatter” that won’t stop.
11. You’d like to be able to meditate, but believe you can't do it well enough.
12. You can’t get enough air, can’t take a deep breath, as if your breath gets “stuck” in your chest.
13. You find you occasionally hold your breath, especially when concentrating.
14. You have GI problems, like irritable bowel, constipation or acid reflux.
15. You worry, experience anxiety and feel overwhelmed by your stress.
16. You have problems with short-term memory.
17. You have plateaued with dieting, especially when it comes to belly fat.
18. You suffered a trauma in your past that is causing you emotional pain.


Physical Benefits - This breath exercise routine has physical benefits. The exercises are a lung workout. They exercise your diaphragm, intercostal muscles, and, if practiced regularly, can positively affect your lung capacity and velocity. Increased blood and oxygen flow to the brain and body have significant physical impact on your wellbeing, and a host of health benefits.

Psychological Benefits - The breath exercise routine also has psychological benefits. Active meditation has psychological benefits that are a great addition to any therapy.  The increased oxygen flow and intense relaxation which automatically happens afterwards helps you “let go” of anger and sadness, letting you feel “unstuck” mentally. If you challenge yourself to “let go” (like you might with a chiropractor or massage therapist trying to go “deeper”) and ask yourself hard personal questions during the practice, you’ll be rewarded with clarity and strength.

No need to bring anything with you, this workshop is ONLINE. Wear comfortable clothes (yoga or gym attire not necessary). Try not to eat a large meal beforehand. Please arrive on time.

This training counts towards 2 hours of CEC's through Yoga Alliance.

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