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In a world filled with cacophony, discord, and incoherence we often end up feeling a lack of harmony and dysregulation in our lived experience. Stephanie uses sound therapy to attune and reharmonize the body, mind and spirit back to a state of coherence and connection. Blending pleasing and balanced arrangements of sounds to create a sense of unity, tranquility and melodious beauty.

Working with healing sound and somatic modalities have become a powerful force in Stephanie’s healing practice and offerings. Over the years she has cultivated a multi-layered approach towards health in the whole person through the use of body, lifestyle, nutrition and sound therapies.  Sound therapy sessions include a variety of singing bowls, elemental chimes, planetary gong, tuning forks, and various other instruments. The crystal singing bowls have become her principle healing instruments.

The sound therapy sessions facilitate mental & physical healing through a variety of instruments specifically designed to calm the mind & ease the body, creating a state of relaxation & mindfulness reflection. In this state, the human body’s natural rejuvenating & healing processes are strengthened & accelerated.

Singing bowls & gongs resonate in the body with a pure, healing sound. The vibrations oscillate with an energetically high frequency that resonates within the body. During the sound bath the brain will move from a normal alert waking state down into a restorative healing state. Heart rate & blood pressure will lower, & breathing will become deeper & fuller. The vibrations emitted from the instruments provide a cellular massage, stimulating large energy centers in the body with the various frequencies/tones known to promote health & well-being.

In an individual or group treatment, you will be bathed in the multidimensional tones of singing bowls, elemental chimes, and planetary gong — an experience known to awaken, renew and expand consciousness. A truly lush aural and aesthetic experience to sooth, inspire, and nourish your spirit by aligning your inherently harmonic being. Stephanie’s experience in Ayurveda, breathwork, yoga, sound and holistic healing lends a dynamic power to these meditative sessions.

Stephanie’s inspiration is to aid individuals toward the fullest possible expression of their unique purpose by skillfully employing her specialized healing techniques within a safe, intuitive and compassionate space. For more information about upcoming events, visit my Facebook page, Sun-Kissed Fire

I offer public sound healing events, private sessions, corporate & private events. 

Message me to schedule your next session or work/life balance event.

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