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Online Spring Wellness Series: April 26–May 21, 2019

Ayurvedic Inspired Self-Care

Nutritionally Supported Cleansing

Adaptive to YOUR Lifestyle

You are invited to join Ayurvedic & wellness consultant, Stephanie Whitford, this spring for a self-care food-based wellness experience! If you are ready to inspire your brightest and best and live in your fullest potential, this cleanse will help boost your transformative fire and bring your body closer to a state of optimal health to assist you in fulfilling your deepest intentions and meeting your wellness goals! The cleanse is a fantastic way to reconnect to personal intentions for 2019, as well as an opportunity to recommit and or implement self-care routines that may have slipped amidst life's many demands. 

This was designed by Stephanie, through inspiration from many experts and personal experience, as an Ayurvedic cleanse and nutritionally supported wellness lifestyle system, to provide an experience that is both effective in facilitating detoxification, while also nourishing for body, mind and spirit. The cleanse is ideal whether you are an experienced cleanser or if this is your first cleansing experience, and is particularly effective for individuals who have struggled with liquids-only fasts or diets, and especially for those who have a busy lifestyle...this is not a diet, but rather lifestyle choices for optimal wellness.  It's an opportunity for greater health!  A seasonal support to the body to help you THRIVE!

Perhaps the best thing about this series is that it is adaptive to your needs and lifestyle.  Whether you are constantly on the go managing so many things or, needing convenient easy options that support dining out, or you love preparing all your food, or taking life at nature's pace, this online series offers adaptive experiences to fit YOU and your needs, while also allowing for transformational shifts in self-care, diet and health practices. This experience also provides the opportunity to cultivate space for personal reflection/introspection, and the opportunity to be supported by a loving, vibrant online community. Come experience it for yourself!

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Participants in the series can expect:

  • Increased energy levels by the end of the series

  • Better digestive and metabolic functioning

  • Heightened mental clarity

  • Diminished cravings for sugar, caffeine and processed foods

  • Motivation to make better food life choices, eat more mindfully, and stay committed to self-care

  • Valuable information on daily self-care routines

  • Increased personal awareness and e-motional (energy in motion) processing tools.

  • Tools to help you thrive in life and feel good practices that bring you satisfaction in life.

Unlike other cleanses that can deplete your energy and leave you feeling lethargic, this wellness series is specifically designed to help conserve and maintain your energy throughout the duration of the program, so that you can carry on with your normal routines with ease. Moreover, Stephanie will offer guidance to allow you to tailor the series to support your individual work, family and lifestyle demands. During the series, we will spend a lot of time incorporating and information and practices that will leave you feeling easeful, nurtured, de-stressed and revitalized.  You have the opportunity to lovingly prepare all of your meals, one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself and/or choose convenient whole food nourishment that is quick an easy. You can enjoy delicious juices, packed with ingredients to detoxify the body from the inside out and/or a shakes to nourish you fully. We'll learn about and kitchari (spiced mung beans and rice – a complete protein meal) and a selection of Ayurvedic condiments to warm your belly and provide the sustenance you need for your active lifestyle. Optional supplements, teas and simple, but effective routines inspired by ancient Ayurvedic wisdom will also be integrated into the program, based on your individual needs.

Nourish yourself, clear your mind, cleanse your body,

make self-care a priority...

all with the support of community!





The online spring wellness series includes five live recorded calls before and during the series to guide your journey, and to provide an opportunity for you to ask Stephanie questions and share experiences with your co-cleansers. We also stay connected via an online forum where we build community and support one another throughout the series.

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Week 1.JPG


  • Prepare yourself for a bright spring and radiant summer!

  • Set your intention and create an inspiring promise to yourself.  Know your WHY!

  • Receive your wellness series materials and shopping list.

  • Receive super simple recipes that are delicious.

  • Start feeling better already as you shift into a healthier state of mind and living that thrives on wellness.

Week 2.JPG


  • Learn simple Ayurvedic body-care practices that enhance your cleanse experience.

  • Get menu plans, meal inspiration, and feel excited about what you’re eating.

  • Discover your Dosha, so you can make decisions based on your unique constitution.

  • Practices and meditation for optimal digestion.

  • Learn where to shop, what foods to moderate, and what foods to say YES to.

Week 3.JPG


  • Learn about the organs of elimination, how they boost vitality and weight management, and how to keep your body healthy using food as medicine.

  • Create a morning routine that helps you start each day with intention, balance and energy.

  • Use mindful eating practices to increase peace, reduce cravings, and maximize digestion.

  • Get great tips for staying on track when you eat out and travel.

  • Discover the best self-care, body care, meditation, and exercise for your unique body.

Week 4.JPG


  • Reintegrate and discover your post-cleanse support system—including strategies, tips, and implementation.

  • Turn your cleanse into a way of life.

  • Discover long-term Ayurveda maintenance for vitality and radiance.

  • Learn how to make healthy eating decisions when you’re at parties and social gatherings.

  • Continue integrating self-care nourishing life long practices.


All times are Pacific time zone. All live calls are recorded for playback at your convenience.

April 26 – live introductory call (50 minutes) – 6 p.m. Friday

April 27–28 – preparation & intention setting

April 29–May 21 – daily wellness practices

April 30, May 7, 14 – mid-series live calls (50 minutes) – 6 p.m. Tuesday

May 21 – closing call (30 minutes) – 6 p.m. Tuesday

Registered participants receive access to all materials needed to complete the series, and can participate during any timeframe if they cannot join us during the live series

**Changes/additions to offerings may be incorporated to best suit participant's needs.

Wellness Program Includes:

  • Five live calls with Stephanie and other participants to guide you through the process and provide inspiration and coaching (with Q&A)

  • Downloadable guided meditations

  • E-mails in your inbox weekly with inspiration and coaching

  • Access to online community forum to share experiences and motivation with other participants

  • Recipes

  • More to come!!

Click here to see FAQs


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  • Phone or Internet connection to access calls/meditations

  • Kitchen / basic kitchenware, including a juicer or blender

  • Personal commitment to let go of excuses and invest in your highest and best!

How much will this cost.JPG

First, I’d love for you to consider this cleanse series an investment rather than a cost. You can expect a huge return on your health!

How much is your vitality worth to you? How much is it worth to know that you’re about to gain so much empowerment over your body and how you feel? To know you have the power to create the exact experience you want? That your ability to heal and thrive is within your reach, and in your hands? It’s invaluable!

Did you know?!

Regular seasonal cleansing is anti-aging, disease-preventing, inflammation-reducing, immune-boosting, and hormone-balancing. It reminds you to live in harmony with yourself – and with nature. That’s why I recommend seasonal cleansing to all my students and clients. And why I've designed and priced this cleanse series investment so reasonably.


The Spring Cleanse online Series:

A Purification Plan to Recharge Your Body, Mind and Spirit


(or three installments of $50)







(with a qualifying membership in Isagenix, click here for details)

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Meet Your Guide

Stephanie Whitford is an alternative holistic wellness consultant, advanced Breath of Love Practitioner and teacher, yoga instructor, Ayurvedic lifestyle coach, and a leader of worldwide wellness travel adventures.


She is highly skilled at helping people find peace, even when surrounded by the intensity of life. She provides effective self-mastery skills that empower people to thrive abundantly in our fast-paced society without compromising health, longevity, happiness and personal fulfillment in life!



Stephanie specializes in nervous system regulation, using food as medicine, and empowering others to follow their greatest inspirations in life.


She facilitates you to inspire your own inner engineer in creating your life, the way you desire that is full of Sun-Kissed Fire (Radiance, Reverence and Transformative Passion).



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