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October 13 - 27, 2021 - Stay for 7, 10 or 14 nights

3rd Annual

Ayurveda Bhavan, Rishikesh India

This Ayurvedic wellness adventure holds the key to YOU awakening your inner healing powers, optimizing your metabolism, building your immune power, and knowing your unique intelligence.



A Re-balancing, Resiliency Building Wellness Retreat

Regain your youthful glow? 

Slow & reverse the signs of aging?

Heal self-limiting patterns or addictive habits?

Relieve anxiety, stress & restore ease & bliss in your life? 

Safely & gently purify, heal & erase karma from your body?
Balance weight issues, strengthen digestion & metabolism? 

Strengthen your immune system, heal chronic ailments & prevent disease?

Have a fun adventure that leaves you feeling great & deeply connected to spirit and self?

Visit the yoga capital of India, a spiritual mecca, and origin of Transcendental Meditation?

Learn about the Science of Life (Ayurveda) and how it will lead you to living your best healthy life?

Immerse yourself in a spiritual environment, connect culturally, and take a journey of self-discovery?

Visit one of the wonders of the world - Taj Mahal!  Play for a day at the Beatles' ashram!



Imagine yourself in India’s renowned spiritual destination, 


restoring your optimal health, energy, youth & vitality. 

You will be nestled in the hills of the Himalayan mountains,

receiving therapeutic views of the mountains & the holy Ganges,

while being deeply supported & nurtured in connection with like-minded people. 


Stephanie will lead you in Auurvedic workshops, and guide you through breathwork and

energy healing journeys that will re-pattern & harmonize you inside & out.




- Rishikesh style luxury accommodations

- Daily customized Ayurvedic panchakarma/spa therapies (2 hours every day) **

- Three daily Ayurvedic nourishing and delicious vegetarian meals (vegan options available)

- Breath of Love Sessions/Workshop Immersions    

- Multiple consultations with onsite Ayurvedic doctors.

- Ongoing treatment plans to support you after your visit.

- Optional daily yoga

- Daily mediations, group connection

- Ayurvedic cooking demonstrations

- Sightseeing & music concerts

Reserve your space today by placing your $250 USD deposit for the wellness adventure by clicking the option below.




**What is Panchakarma & Why is it Important to Your Health?  

Panchakarma is an extremely effective cleansing and rejuvenating program.  Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, this ancient technique is time-tested and proven in its success in treating modern ailments, and renewing youthful vitality.  The Panchakarma cleansing process affects the whole person, bringing about healthful changes in mental, physical and emotional levels.  Anyone can do Panchakarma treatments for maintenance of optimal health as well as healing of dis-ease.

Stress, environmental pollutants and a build-up of poor lifestyle choices create toxin loads on the body that, if left in the tissues and bloodstream, can result in poor health.  Panchakarma reverses this degenerative process quickly and its effects are often profound and long-lasting.  Panchakarma uses a combination of massages, herbal saunas, diet, colon therapy and yoga to rid the body of accumulated toxins and stress loads.  Your personal Panchakarma program begins with a thorough exam by a senior Ayurvedic physician to recommend a program tailored to your individual health.  

Panchakarma sessions are very relaxing.  Their healing effects can be both subtle and profound.  You will notice your skin glow and eyes luster with renewed health and vitality.  Many people also experience healthy weight changes, more resilience to stress, and an overall sense of ease, well-being and happiness.  You will be amazed at your increased energy levels and renewed vitality.  

Panchakarma helps you prevent dis-ease and maintain optimal health.  Your health is your wealth!


To Reserve Your Space & Choose Your Accommodations, Click on The Links Below

Message or call me for reservations help as well, I'm happy to answer any questions.



Prices below are per person. 

Standard Single

$1,447 USD - 7 Nights

$1,947 USD - 10 Nights

$2,547 USD - 14 Nights 

Suite Single

$1,597 USD - 7 Nights

$2,097 USD - 10 Nights

$2,747 USD - 14 Nights 

Standard Shared 1 Queen Bed

$1,397 USD - 7 Nights

$1,847 USD - 10 Nights

$2,397 USD - 14 Nights

Suite Shared 1 King-Sized Bed

$1,447 USD - 7 Nights

$1,897 USD - 10 Nights

$2,497 USD - 14 Nights

Deposit (Non-Refundable) $250.00 USD 

**​* All trips need to be paid in full 30 days prior to the event.

No refunds less than 30 days prior to the event.  


Not included: flight, transportation to resort and airport, extra excursions,

extra services and miscellaneous personal expenses.

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