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Working with sacred sound and somatic modalities have become a powerful force in Stephanie’s healing practice and offerings. Over the years she has cultivated a multi-layered approach towards health in the whole person through the use of body, lifestyle and sound therapies.  Sound therapy sessions include a variety of singing bowls, elemental chimes, planetary gong, tuning forks, and various other instruments. The crystal singing bowls have become her principle healing instruments.

Her harmonic sessions expand you deeper into the very nature of the cosmos, opening you to new paradigms and non-duality, providing you with access into the deep layers of the personal and collective unconscious, your super conscious, and Universal intelligences. Sound meditations are powerful, beautiful, soulful, deeply embodying yet remarkably otherworldy.

Physiologically this type of sound healing clears the nerve endings and regenerates the parasympathetic system (which is ruled by sound). The parasympathetic system sends “relax” messages to all the organs. It regulates the rebuilding functions of the body and it is vital for handling stress since it coordinates the recovery period from stress.

In an individual or group treatment, you will be bathed in the multidimensional tones of singing bowls, elemental chimes, and planetary gong — an experience known to awaken, renew and expand consciousness. A truly lush aural and aesthetic experience to sooth, inspire, and nourish your spirit by aligning your inherently harmonic being. Stephanie’s experience in Ayurveda, breathwork, yoga, sound and holistic healing lends a dynamic power to these meditative sessions.

Stephanie’s inspiration is to aid individuals toward the fullest possible expression of their unique purpose by skillfully employing her specialized healing techniques within a safe, intuitive and compassionate space. For more information about upcoming events, click on the link below: 

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